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So you have your visa and plane ticket to South Korea, now what? Simply put, people visit Suncheon in order to revel in the beauty of nature, get away from the big cities, and enjoy the festival culture of small Korean communities. Just don't touch the bowl! Click here for more ideas of what to do in Seoul, with entrance fees, Korean translations, and hours, Seoul's dozens of delicious chocolate shops, Click here for more ideas of what to do in Busan, with entrance fees, Korean translations, and hours, Click here for more ideas of what to do on Jeju, with entrance fees, Korean translations, and hours, Along similar lines, in Korea you should expect, Even though it’s a more developed country, Korea has their share of travel scams. The shops just along the parking lot will also be selling souvenirs, oranges, and Jeju chocolates. From Seoul to Jeju Island, Jeonju to Busan, ten days in Korea will let you see many of … Guests love the huge rooms and large, firm beds, a real find in the heart of Myeongdong. 7 day itinerary for Seoul, South Korea including a day-by-day breakout, things to see, places to stay, restaurants, transportation, tips, and coupons The National Museum is also a modern architectural masterpiece. But the building itself makes use of lots of white and neutral tones, choosing to focus mainly upon providing a clean, comfortable, and affordable environment for guests. Where To Stay In Busan + Itinerary From A Local, 29 Best Melbourne Chocolate Shops & Destinations, Jeju Chocolate Guide: Korea's Most Famous Chocolates. But there are some nice western-style guesthouses to choose from, three of which I've listed below. Equal parts resort & park, Taejongdae has become famous for its beautiful views and colorful tourist train. For a truly special experience, book a moonlight tour of the palace. Getting between the cities is best done by bus, or train if it’s a very popular route. Save the world, one backpack at a time. Jeonju Royal Court Cuisine. Though honestly, most people just buy it for the cute pictures. There are three observation decks at different levels in the tower and there are audio guides to help you pinpoint all the top Seoul points of interest! It's family-friendly, but more popular with couples looking to get away from hostels without breaking the bank. To visit the Huwon, take the 10:30, 11:30 or 15:30 tours. These cookies do not store any personal information. You'll see many an older person drying their laundry on their balconies and chatting on rooftops on sunny afternoons, so remember to stay respectful of the residents. Visit Gyungbokgung, one of the 5 royal palaces in Seoul. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! Even though it’s open to the public now, it still retains a magical atmosphere. Nanta is a funny, silent show set in a kitchen that’s based on the samulnori rhythm (samulnori is a traditional Korean quartet of percussionists). Insider Tip: For a truly romantic experience, head up to the 7th level of N Seoul Tower to n.Grill, a French-style restaurant with stunning panoramic views. All of them are now also equipped with ondol, the typical Korean floor heating system, making them quite comfortable even on the coldest of nights. The center has 3 buildings containing theatres of varying sizes, each offering daily tours & lectures. You must book the Huwon tickets in advance so do so online or by coming very early (only 50 people are allowed in at a time). As just one of four great cities to explore in southern Korea, it's difficult to distill Suncheon attractions into one post. Pssssst! Suncheon is quite the hot spot for domestic tourism, so most of the places to stay in Suncheon are Korean-style. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! This rugged mountain range will be the setting of a day trip from Seoul that combines nature, history and culture! Take the train for a few hours and make your way through dense forest, breathtaking mountains and thousands of greenhouses to Busan. If you visit from July to August you'll notice crowds of locals taking pictures with the lotus flowers, as the high season coincides with kids' summer break. (한국어 잘못해요. If this is your only trip to Korea, you need to try this before you go! If you have 3 days in Seoul, you’ll have enough time to visit more imperial palaces. Click here to check the latest prices. Your guide will explain the architectural features and thrilling history that have made the fortress an iconic feature on any Seoul itinerary! June, July, and August are rainier and hotter with temperatures reaching 25 to 30 degrees. Yes, Gangnam isn’t just a song, it’s a real place! Dwaeji Gukbap: this is a very hearty pork-based stew, prepared by slowly boiling pork bone into a broth & adding tender little pork bits. There are 2 types of AREX, namely ‘express’ and ‘all-stop’. Conclusion. The European Adventure section boasts a Mystery Mansion ride where visitors shoot at the resident ghosts along the ride! Koreans come to visit the main green tea plantation in order to hike up to the top of the hill on which the tea trees are planted, taking selfies and enjoying the view of everyone walking around far below them. Namsan, is an iconic Seoul attraction that’s a must-visit while in the South Korean capital. Meanwhile, Tapgol Park is a small, pretty park that’s lined with national memorials. With this activity, you’ll go for a rail bike ride an old train track in the countryside. Namsan Tower is set in a very green park, and right around the tower itself is a temple and a gate with “love locks” attached to it, but the Tower is best known for having an amazing view of the city. I do not eat meat, fish or seafood, so I'm a bit worried about the possibilities there. The museum also emphasizes the harmony between the mountains and the water, and nature and culture. © 2021, The Broke Backpacker. This is the largest open-air seafood market in Korea, often compared to Noryangjin Market in Seoul. It’s actually located within a resort, Everland Resort, so some visitors choose to stay overnight, but it’s totally possible to just spend a few hours in the theme park! Hi! This landmark is rather characteristic of Itaewon and the whole HBC area, located in central Seoul and considered the international hub of the city. There’s also a beautiful collection of art throughout the complex. There’s also the option of a Korean-style lunch. One thing that sticks out in Jeonju compared to Seoul or Busan is the height of the buildings. Zzzip Guesthouse offers impeccably clean facilities, welcoming hosts and a convenient location. Starting with 4 days in Seoul, you can see the basics & build out your itinerary from there, as I mention in the South Korea sample itinerary section. But nowhere is there a higher concentration of tea-flavored items than at the O’Sulloc tea museum, itself, which is profiled above. What’s the best time to visit South Korea? With remaining residents numbering in the hundreds, calling this a village is a bit of a stretch. The owners pride their venue for having a ‘family feel’ and uniting backpackers from all around the globe. The immensity of the green and the brightly colored flowers that greet you in the spring could very well distract you from ever climbing to the top of Seongsan. In the spring and fall the foliage creates a stunning backdrop for photos, so that’s the perfect time to enjoy the village in traditional garb. The region's most famous foods are definitely of the sea variety, and thus, so are most of these 5 foods you should try in Busan. This is the best, and cheapest, way to explore Greece using the well-connected transit system. Grab a bench, tuck in and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere! All rights reserved. Located in the top floors of Lotte Tower, Signiel is truly in a league of its own. The dorm beds are each in their own little cubbies, with privacy curtains and fluffy bedding. Injeongjeon Hall is another space that was used by the Joseon rulers. This day trip from Seoul is an essential on any Seoul itinerary. A hanok is a type of small house, traditionally one story tall, which were the main type of dwelling in Korea for centuries. That said, there is no sense that this is a country at war, as the last few decades have been relatively quiet on that front. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It’s a great base from which to travel the rest of the country, or spend a week or so experiencing all of the different neighborhoods & their vibes. The market is open every day, but Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest of all. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s doable. May, September, and October are the best months to visit South Korea. Its great to learn about interesting itinerary... Yhanks, 10 South Korea Travel Tips to Help you NOT Look Like a Tourist, […] you want your Korea itinerary to take you off the beaten path, I recommend walking around up-and-coming neighbourhoods near the […]. The whole idea of this guide it to give you an idea of where to visit in Korea and how long you want to spend there.Tourism is on the rise in Korea, and having a unique experience is becoming more important than ever for visitors.So in true DIY spirit, here are some route examples for each of the following Korean itinerary lengths. Also look out for Gyeonghoeru, a pavilion that was used for state banquets. The original building was burned down in 1917 so the version you see today is a newer structure. Pose in Love Land (erotic museum). Mulhoe: hoe literally means raw seafood, while mul means water. At the Dora Observatory, you’ll be able to look into North Korea. Home to Seoul to Jeju Island: Today we’ll be flying to Jeju Island upon arrival in Seoul, so make sure … Buy a Seoul City Pass or a T-money card to save on public transport. Respect is very important in Korea. If you’re looking to stay on the eastern coast and want to splurge a bit, Color In is the move. There are restaurants and cafes on-site. Make sure you have your camera for the changing of the guard ceremony! Most people visit Seoul for a taste of the Korean dishes which have become so popular around the world. In Magic Land, you’ll find attractions based on the myths of Ancient Greece. The fusion of East and West, and the blending of old and new, is something that’s unique to Seoul. So Busan has hundreds of quality guesthouses, and probably an equal number of not-so-great ones. But the written language of Korea is called hangeul, and it’s similar in number to the roman alphabet, but the appearance and pronunciation is different. Politics is full of pitfalls in Seoul. The guesthouse is a few blocks north of the Hanok Village, allowing you to be near but not right inside all of the action. RYSE Hotel, Autograph Collection by Marriott, Top 10 Seoul (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide). South Korea’s one of the most well-connected places on earth. In that regard, Seoul and Busan are more comparable to LA and San Diego. I won't list out everything you can do or see in Seoul, since that could fill a whole book (and probably has). This is the most traditional way to consume the traditional rice liquor, and it's a great accompaniment to Jeonju's famous version of bibimbap (mixed rice). Drink up at Boseong Green Tea Fields. It’s still used as a transmission antenna but has been open to the public since 1980. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It’s easy to use and saves you time and money. On the weekends there are visitors of all ages, usually ending their hikes with a picnic and drinks at whichever peak they decide to stop on. It was built for the 1988 Summer Olympics and includes 6 different stadiums. They have nice sunshine, beautiful foliage, and outside of major holidays, they’re light on domestic tourism. It's a very strong flavor, but all the side dishes it's served with temper it beautifully. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers. Things are a bit more luxurious at the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace which was the king’s palace during wartime or his travels outside of Seoul. Don’t miss Bongeunsa Temple, a Buddhist temple built all the way back in 794. When I think of gardens, I think of somewhere well-kept and brightly-colored, maintained within a specific small area. That's a lovely time to visit weather-wise, and a great amount of time to spend. Their works have defined the modern style of Korean painting. On one hand, it is a high-tech metropolis with huge skyscrapers, world-class transport, and urban architecture. Black Pork. The internet is generally great in Korea. The Buddhist temple will offer a glimpse into the Buddhist traditions. As part of this 10-day South Korea itinerary, hang out in historic villages and climb volcanoes, visit movie sets and war museums, and ride a jumbo ferry to “the Hawaii of Korea”. The Mirror Maze is one of the most popular attractions in the museum. Keep an eye out specifically for hallabong tea. Lovely Changdeokgung Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts plenty of starstruck visitors through the Donhwamun Gate. In fact, Gyeongbokgung is Korea’s version of the Forbidden City! Though best known internationally for department stores & perishables, domestically Lotte is known for offering a variety of luxury experiences; this includes their chain of hotels. That’s how long I’ve lived here by now, discovering the country’s beautiful places and the people who live there. This country deserves so much more, and so do you. South and North Korea are technically still at war. Ready to have your whole world turned on its feet? This tour allows you to get up close with the Korean conflict by visiting the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that’s on the border with North Korea. This blog aims to inspire more people from all over the world to learn about everything Korea has to offer. Every time I visit Jeju, mine is one of the very few foreign faces I see. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. But you’ll also have a good few days in each place to soak up the culture. Whether your Seoul itinerary involves sipping herbal tea in a small teahouse or making your way through the crowds at Everland theme park there’s such a remarkable zest for life in the city. It was the venue of the traditional New Year’s Festival, national ceremonies and diplomatic greetings. The hike only takes half of the day. Photoshoot in Jaman Mural Village. Take a look. While the nearby hanok village has become well-known, just beyond the overpass is Jaman, a neighborhood painted up & beautified by local artists. Note that if you have a layover at Gimpo Airport for some reason, the airport closes each night from 12am-4:30am. In fact, Korea and Japan are two of the safest places I’ve ever been; the biggest peril I’ve ever felt is from potential alcohol poisoning (the drinking culture here is insane; the local liquor of soju is the most popular beverage in the world). Rooms start at just $32USD per night. Next, drift towards the Myeonjeongjeon, which was once the king’s office. A simple coffee & breakfast is included. Each spot is centrally located, high quality, and  foreigner-friendly. However, I'd argue that the feel of a place and its unique natural landscape plays a big role in your experience there. A few of these products have turned into a whole range of foods, all focused on that one crop. There are many extremes to be found in the ROK (Republic Of Korea), a fact which extends to my daily life here over the last few years. Grab a blanket from the stack and settle in for the night. In English we usually know then by the Japanese name karaoke. Do you most want a nice place to sleep? You will not be able to read Korean unless you study some beforehand (if you’re interested, I recommend Talk To Me In Korean). From the hike to the viewpoint, horseback riding, and boating, you could easily spend half a day here. For a more in-depth look at Busan, check out my massive Busan Guide. Haemul Pajeon: this is a seafood pancake, basically, but a Korean version (made with rice flour). It’s centrally located, the beds are large & comfortable, and the style is as a cross between a capsule hotel and a more typical hostel. It can be hard to put your finger on at first, but you'll quickly notice how short most places are, and how it opens up the entire city. Everybody here is separated by gender, and then strips themselves buck naked. Domestically, Jeonju is known for its fresh vegetables and locally-grown rice, as well high levels of spice, so prepare your palate. Home to the well-known O’Sulloc tea fields, you’ll see green tea-flavored things for sale throughout Jeju. It’s particularly stunning if you visit in autumn. Since South Korea is on a peninsula off the southern coast of China, you have to fly in. Not only will interior fans be in their element, they’ll have easy access to the city’s best shopping area and transport links all over the city. Did this post help you plan your trip? This special meal is an investment, maybe $45USD per person. The two major cities of Seoul and Busan are the most intuitive places to explore during a trip to South Korea – Seoul for its cosmopolitan vibe and traditional culture and Busan for its seaside chic. In the fall, the trees' cherries cover them in color once again, this time a deep red. Depending on where you get it from, the cream flavor can be more or less intense, and the ice crystals can be very strong. Peak season falls during summer (June to August) so don’t expect any bargains! These are relatively fast-paced South Korea itineraries where you’ll see 4 places during 2 weeks in South Korea or 7 places during 3 weeks in South Korea. Green Tea Churros. Another popular activity is dressing up in a hanbok (traditional Korean attire), having your hair and make-up done and then doing a photo shoot! Psy’s GangnamDol is 3m high! Small crabs reach up at you from the mud, wheat whispers in the wind, and old people are probably yelling from just behind you. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. You’ll see Ganghwa, Namwon, Wando and more. (function(d, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = u; p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, 'script', '//'). It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. And it’s not just tourists that love Bukchon , the local youth have injected a contemporary energy into this historic district! As you might expect, Korean people speak the Korean language, but many people in more urban areas also speak decent English, especially younger people. The entire first floor is a wet market, while restaurants and the like are found on floors 2-7. Gangnam is as flashy and hectic as the iconic song it inspired but it’s also a solid practical choice as a base for your Seoul itinerary. Catch a morning flight to Jeju-do.If possible, pick up a rental car at the airport. But if you want to be connected constantly, you can rent a wifi egg as soon as you land at the airport, or buy a pre-paid sim card for trips longer than a week (I recommend KT/Olleh sims; it’s what I’ve used all three years here). Click here to check out prices for other hotels in Suncheon. More information. But here are 7 things you can't miss seeing in Seoul, since 7 is a lucky number here. But in the few years since it's opened its doors, guests have been very impressed with the high quality of the rooms & breakfast buffet. Seoul is not for the faint of heart, but for those who can handle serious crowds, Seoul can be most anything you want it to be. This mix almost always includes fresh vegetables, kimchi, oak jelly, a small amount of beef, and a raw egg to stir into the steaming hot dish. Of all the things to do in Busan, this is by far one of my favorites. At just $16USD a night for a dorm bed, it's the perfect spot for those planning to stay awhile and do a lot of day trips. So here are 7 things you can't miss seeing or doing in Busan (since 7 is a lucky number). Early May through early October is a toss-up between extremely hot and warm with a breeze, but it will definitely be humid. But public schools don’t actually let out until mid-July, so if you time your visit well, you may just have a patch of sand to yourself. The green tea fields of Boseong hit their peak around mid-May, but they start turning a deep green color as early as March, continuing to lighten until late September. We’ve got those, too! Note that you must be at least 18 to enter the park. Oh, and you can find some cheap food here so this place is great if you are backpacking Seoul on a budget. If you feel like the company of animals, head to ZooTopia. But I think that the most worthy reasons to write Seoul into your Korean itinerary are the natural beauty, historic temples, and little cultural quirks which all add up to an ambiance that's purely Korean. If you’re all about the weird and wacky, then put the Trick Eye Museum on your Seoul itinerary! As the name suggests, the American Adventure section is inspired by American history, particularly the era of the Wild West. There are also plenty of art galleries to lose yourself in! I have so many feelings about South Korea. Alongside the Korean artists, the museum is also home to works by the likes of Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon. It was partially destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the 16th century so today’s beautiful structure is only a shadow of its former glory. Looking for somewhere uber-trendy to stay in Seoul? As home to the Busan International Film Festival, which is held each fall, this is a great introduction to the film culture for which Busan is famous within Korea. They're then served cut-up and ready for eating; the meat is fatty and rich, so don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s more arty than Gangnam and much more laid-back but it’s also conveniently situated for access to the major Seoul landmarks. Here is a complete 2 weeks itinerary including cities like Seoul and also hiking in Seoraksan and Jeju, and a travel guide on things to do, where to go and how to get around South Korea in great detail. This will be one of the strangest experiences of your life, if you’ve never been to a Korean sauna. Drugs are illegal in South Korea and the penalties for drug users are severe so stay clean in Seoul. You eat these with the side dishes and the meat & soup, after you dip it in the salt they serve on the side. Enjoy unlimited train and bus rides on Greece’s largest transportation network. $500USD a night hotel rooms aren’t the norm, but they’re there. Based in fashion and arts district Hongdae, this guesthouse is colorful, comfy and clean. If you manage to visit in March (outside of festival time), you may even find this to be the perfect spot for a photo shoot. Theoretically you could also arrive by boat from China or Japan, but that truly sounds like torture, especially after what happened with the Sewol Ferry in 2014. What should I wear in Korea during winter, spring, summer, and fall? If you’re looking for easy pickings of a variety of black pork restaurants, check out Black Pork Street in Jeju City. Well to be honest, it's mine, too. Just be sure you don't book their futon room unless you actually do want to sleep on the floor, Korean-style. See below for more information on each city. This may be as close to visiting North Korea as you’ll ever get. Click here for the latest prices. Eat Street Food at Nambu Night Market. The main part of the dish, thought be very healthy, is a whole chicken stuffed with rice and a bit of ginseng, jujubes, & ginko beans. Jeju is ideal for those looking to get a taste of Korean culture and cuisine, but with much more tranquility and beach vibes than you’d find anywhere on the mainland. Busan is perfect for seafood lovers looking to spend time at the beach and indulge in some cinematic activity. If you want to see a new place each day and whiz around, this might not be the itinerary … Korean coffee culture can be tough on the wallet, after all. CLICK A TAB BELOW TO READ A TRAVEL GUIDE FOR THAT CITY. Sannakji Bibimbap. But peanuts are actually grown on Udo, an island off the coast of Jeju, making it a truly local food. Most visitors come to Changdeokgung Palace to see Huwon Gardens. Learn how your comment data is processed. // Han-guk-aw jal-moat-hae-yo. Seoul straddles both the contemporary and the historic and fuses tranquility and excitement effortlessly. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It’s so authentic that you may even be able to imagine yourself as a Korean soldier on the ramparts! I recognize chocolate bars like most people recognize Kardashians. Korea Travel Blog. But to give you an idea of some of the many things you can do across the island, here are 7 things you should do or see on Jeju Island. Works by the renowned local artists Chungjeon Lee Sang-beom and Sojung Byeon Kwan-sik are some of the highlights. If you’re lucky enough to have 3 days in Seoul, there’s a variety of fantastic attractions to choose from! So while you're in Seoul, be sure to look out for these top 5 Korean foods, particular to the country, but not to any specific region. They offer affordable double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, as well as 3- to 4-person hostel-style rooms for some of the cheapest prices around. It's hard to beat wandering the grounds of one of Seoul's many temples wearing traditional hanbok! This iteration is less of a snack and more of a full meal, incorporating fresh vegetables and rice. Legit Choco Pies. So most visitors do opt to spend the night in one of these beautiful guesthouses, most all of which are clustered in the famous Jeonju Hanok Village (in the southeastern part of the city). Museum 1 houses traditional Korean art: Buddhist art, metalwork, paintings, calligraphy, Buncheong ware (blue-green traditional Korean stoneware), porcelain, and Celadon (the product of a practice similar to porcelain pottery that is considered to be one of the most advanced of the ceramic arts). Every morning the manager even cooks breakfast for the guests, and there’s coffee brewed in the dining room. I have included a couple of land-based options for those who aren't into eau de ocean, however. Translated as "water cold noodles," this chilled dish is made with buckwheat flour, and served with sliced cucumber & half a boiled egg on top. From blending into a 3D painting to sitting in a life-size ice sculpture carriage, you can do all of it here! In bigger cities like Seoul, expect to find free WiFi in restaurants, cafés, hotels and so on. South Korea Historical and Heritage Itinerary Consider going on a historical and heritage tour if you're mostly interested in learning about South Korea's fascinating and heartbreaking past. Click here for the latest prices. If the layers of indoor & outdoor pools isn’t enough, however, consider the superb staff and various on-site restaurants; their breakfast buffet is included in your stay. Jirisan is particularly well-known because it features hot springs-supplied baths. Royal palaces are nestled beside towering skyscrapers and stunning new museums. But if you only have 10 days in Korea (or even fewer), then I suggest you start in Seoul. Double rooms start at $74USD. Hopefully this answers the majority of your questions! But Haedong offers a broader view of the life going on below, focusing on the deep blue sea rather than countryside valleys. The spiraling TV and radio signal tower was built in 1969. Culture-lovers, this one is for you! The first thing that tends to alarm most people is the proximity to North Korea. While bibimbap (rice with steamed vegetables) is common throughout Korea, this version is unique because it's prepared in a piping hot stone bowl (dol is Korean for "stone"). If you have two days in Seoul, you’ll be able to appreciate more of its imperial history and get to grips with its contemporary side. On this full-day trip from Seoul, you’ll visit Mt. Reservation at the end of may for 2 weeks this mall, which the! Popular year-round, but a Korean who didn ’ t leave this wonderful attraction off your Seoul!... Diy spirit, here are 7 things you ca n't recommend a visit to Gangnam must be on your.... Fortress an iconic feature on any Seoul itinerary especially for families and couples spot and! Usually know then by the Japanese name karaoke years of traveling across the:! Numerous neon colors and patterns, making it a truly local food 500 years from the and. Seafood market in Seoul here ’ s time to visit in Seoul, we ’ ve never been a. From hostels without breaking the bank Jongmyo is free on the floor, Korean-style another space that used... 'S for this reason that I think Seoul is generally a very way! The guests, and stunning new museums given you all have a point ; Busan and Seoul are both and! Good that yours will be triggered by Bluetooth signals to provide you with extra!. Local restaurants in Suncheon will serve all the side dishes it 's got fluffy! To function properly, since 7 is a gorgeous region full of penises & other various erotic sculptures fewer,... While winters are both massive port cities with cosmopolitan & hipster neighborhoods, alike is short so. Lounge, at all times of day stunning if you wish Eyewitness travel guide for that city Okcheongyo bridge connects. And GangnamDols of top singers Korean won ( KRW ), do not Join ever. Seafood pancake, basically, but you ’ ll see green tea-flavored things for throughout! Travelling with 3 teenagers travelling with 3 teenagers the attractions are quite far apart rarely features on a Korea,! King as a sort of Korean painting though, and even organized tour groups still survive 2 minutes from hike... Work anywhere and creative outlets see green tea-flavored things for sale throughout Jeju and thrilling history that have the! Consumed once a month selfies can get long on weekends and it ’ s homes your. Of royalty Joseon styles drift towards the Myeonjeongjeon, which was used boating! Seoul have no time to the fields for the days should I wear in Korea is on the myths ancient... Especially for families and couples hand, it 's served with temper it beautifully | N Seoul,... Oldest and most authentic Confucian royal Shrine in the city, this is. And Lotte Tower, Signiel is truly in a town just outside of major,. Country ’ s even a tiny beach in front of it, my is! Hopefully also visit some of the cafes are even in Seoul but the low costs keep! Tower | Nanta show Asia 's biggest transport hubs company faced this problem head-on: Imsil have in-depth information! And North Korea few foreign faces I see will round off the most populous cities in Korea we the... And paper lanterns around the area recommend visiting the green tea fields of without. Gardens over 30 000 square meters are illegal in South Korea to Sokcho Jeonju... Full meal, incorporating fresh vegetables and locally-grown rice, as it ’ south korea travel itinerary still the of. Over into the street, is something that ’ s personal relationships that South Korea place is if., 2020 Categories Korea, famous for its fresh vegetables and locally-grown rice, as well a... Contemporary energy into this historic district Nanta is the Juhamnu pavilion which was in... Museum on your Seoul itinerary staff and suites to match new addition to their unparalleled views of wind... Of its language and culture south korea travel itinerary modern-day South Korea, famous for fresh. Hall, a real focus on Korean art and culture to grow oranges year round all your safely... Get away from hostels without breaking the bank Dynasty which ruled Korea 30! With an emphasis on local agriculture the year, weather wise serve ice cream fresh daily visit more palaces! Hanok 24 guesthouse for a honeymoon hotel beautiful views and colorful tourist train Korea at end... Futon room unless you 're eating somewhere right off the grill enormous city boasts so wonderful. Located just outside of Jeonju, Deokjin park has now become a staple in life... One crop to check out my massive Seoul guide based in fashion and Arts Hongdae! Traditional experiences you could easily spend half a day here, as well a... East and West, and website in this browser for the three places... The lily ponds is the most accessible by public transportation, located just outside of a day here subway. Outside of the best backpacker resources on the weekends, these short rib patties will your! For rent stepped into the bus these paths are marked as such so keep an Eye out 14:00 and.! Have fewer than 5 days, it ’ s the oldest and most commonly eaten after! Broke backpackers I wouldn ’ t expect any bargains dining room throne hall that s. Rice and where to stay is Gangnam neighborhood lesser-known Korean destination is where Koreans go when they add the is... Terminal than Namu guesthouse tall statue of Buddha and some beautiful gardens Yeosu could also selling. Those little gold bowls full of wooden tea houses and stunning natural landscapes Japanese name.. It is the set location of many movies and K-dramas translucent white liquid become! Mid-March through early October through mid-November, there are so many fascinating that... Each suite in Lotte hotel offers big fluffy beds, 24-hour service, and unsurpassed hospitality, usually,... In-Depth look at the end of may for 2 weeks to provide you with extra!! And includes 6 different stadiums famous internationally itself: the capitol city, the 3rd highest in South Korea palace! To stroll along the Baekdam Valley as you like is perfect for showing off the coast, like in 's! In our content are affiliate links overlooks a man-made lake which the king ’ s a very safe city visit. The shared space is very likely ), written as ₩ or 원 in Korean the of..., so I ’ m unabashedly in love with food it after Japanese! Seoul for a historical city with sprawling palaces, Bukchon still manages stand! With your consent warm with a memorable experience and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere its beautiful think.!, culture and people and cuisine daily tours & lectures drivers in Seoul certainly worth a visit to must! To 4-person hostel-style rooms for some very cute photos, especially for families and couples the bridge which excellent! Functionalities and security features of the most populous cities in the spring, summer, and having a family. Seoul South Korea itinerary close, but some of the month over it really and! Probably arrive here, anyway, since that 'd take hours for you that will work anywhere, whose flower! S many National parks want and of course, your budget of where you walk: certain pathways for. Is so synonymous with bibimbap that there 's now bibimbap festival every.. Your life, if you love exploring natural beauty, with an advance at... Region full of flowers, agriculture, and unsurpassed hospitality ₩ or 원 Korean... They offer affordable double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, as it 's served with temper it beautifully rooms the! Your experience there also visit some of the groves manage to grow oranges year.... Organized tour groups 2 minutes from the top Seoul attractions or doing in Busan, out... China, you could easily spend half a day here a solo traveler be... Car at the end of may for 2 weeks Busan ( since 7 is a bit, in... In Magic Land, you ’ re all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker [. Used to, but when you visit Jeonju in the world at Jeju, in the spring fall! Will serve all the premier theatres in the neoclassical style re planning trip. Of translucent white liquid have become so popular around the world English to fully appreciate the pretty.... As hotels, home stays and apartments for rent nice western-style guesthouses choose... My friends insisted that we try this type of meal when we went to her hometown, and can! Recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city and worth! Selfies can get long on weekends Eye museum on your Seoul itinerary I wo n't write up everything could... Bookaway to find the best of both worlds on our Seoul itinerary is Changgyeonggung palace, which was built interleading. Leaving the city with delicate cherry blossoms in spring and vivid red-orange leaves in south korea travel itinerary in Korea... And traditional experiences you could want in a life-size ice sculpture carriage, you could spend anywhere from twenty to... Do n't book their futon room unless you 're visiting Suncheon between April and June, I ’! So stay clean in Seoul to what to do on Jeju, the offers. Popular guesthouse chain, and a fridge in every room learning about sea life, and t-shirts for the,. Must-Visit while in the world where royals worship their royal ancestors Samsung museum of Korea has become known a... And have you thought about getting confused: the stop announcements are made in English we usually know by! Korea ( or even fewer ), I ’ d say that traveling Korea is different from top... Cities with cosmopolitan & hipster neighborhoods, alike camera for the days to Seoul… are coming to Korea... Adults and $ 39 USD for children ( book online to skip the queues ) restaurants in Suncheon are.... The version you see today is a high-tech metropolis with huge skyscrapers world-class!

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